Welcome Fall: Fun And Fast Paint Projects To Usher In The Autumn Season

Fall is a great season for many reasons. For some people, it means the return to a normal routine following a relaxing summer, and for others, it is a chance for fresh beginnings as the kids head back to school. Fall is also a great time to freshen up your home with mini paint projects.  Paint your island bar Looking for an easy weekend project to bring new life to a dull kitchen? Read More 

Make Colorful Cloth Napkins And Placemats

Flour sack towels can be purchased in economy packs and used to create colorful napkins and placemats. Buy some plain white sack towels, some fabric dye, and napkin rings to complete both projects. You will also need buckets, some water, and an iron. Tie-Dye Cloth Napkins And Placemats Use half of the plain sack towels to make colorful napkins and half to make colorful placements. Decide if you would like to create some tie-dyed pieces, which utilize two or more colors of fabric dye, or if you would like to create ombre items, which use one dye and varying degrees of coverage. Read More 

4 Tips For Store Owners Using Clear Vinyl Window Graphics

Clear vinyl window decals allow you to advertise your store, give your customers key information, and distinguish your storefront without obscuring your windows. Unlike traditional decals, when you choose a clear vinyl decal, only the printed area will be opaque. This will allow customers to window shop, which can draw them into your store. Here are four tips that will help you use your clear vinyl decals to best effect. Read More 

Start A New Tradition With Your Kids: The Joys Of A Stuffed Animal Treasure Chest

Nearly all kids love stuffed animals. Many children collect them and keep them as companions on their bed or in their toy room. They can nurture a child's imagination and help the child feel a greater sense of creative freedom. Start a new tradition with your kids that can also help encourage them to do their best in school each week. Create a weekly treasure chest tradition! This tradition allows your child to pick a single stuffed animal from the " Read More 

Frayed Nerves: How To Stop Ribbon Ends From Fraying And Ruining Your Project

It never fails, right? You finish a craft project only to find the beginnings of fraying and frizzing at the ends of ribbons and threads. You have to find some way to prevent these from continuing to fray, and even better would be to find a way to fix the current fraying. You have many options, some of which are washer-friendly, too. Heat Sealing With a Lighter, Match, or Candle Flame Read More