Choose A Set Of Foam Blocks With These Features

A large set of foam building blocks can provide countless hours of entertainment for your children when they're playing on their own, with each other, and with friends or neighbors. When you're shopping for a set of these blocks, there are several things to look for. You'll want to choose a set that features enough blocks that your children will be able to build elaborate structures, and it's also ideal to choose a set that has blocks in several different vibrant colors. It can also be advantageous to look for the following features, which appear in many of these sets.


When you look at some sets of foam blocks, you'll see that many sets have certain blocks that have holes in the middle. The presence of holes can help your children to create all sorts of fun things. For example, if the set also features long, tube-like blocks — similar to the foam "noodles" that people often use in the swimming pool — they could insert the end of the noodle into one of the holes in another block to build a unique shape. Creative kids will come up with all sorts of ways to build props with blocks that have holes in them.

Face Graphics

Some foam block sets include graphics on certain blocks. While most of the blocks will have a plain design, you'll see certain blocks that have funny faces. In some sets, rather than featuring a full face, some of the blocks will feature one part of a face. For example, one block will have an eye, another will have a mouth, and so on. Your children will have fun putting different blocks next to each other to create full faces. If they use the blocks to build a fort, they can put the face at the top of the fort.


There are certain foam block sets on the market that have studs on the top of each block and indentations on the bottom of each block. The studs are similar to the design of plastic building block toys that are very popular among children of all ages. The presence of the studs makes it easy to build structures. When you place one block on top of another, the studs from the bottom block slide into the indentation of the top block, linking the two blocks together. Keep these features in mind as you shop for a set of big foam blocks for your children.

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