Make Colorful Cloth Napkins And Placemats

Flour sack towels can be purchased in economy packs and used to create colorful napkins and placemats. Buy some plain white sack towels, some fabric dye, and napkin rings to complete both projects. You will also need buckets, some water, and an iron.

Tie-Dye Cloth Napkins And Placemats

Use half of the plain sack towels to make colorful napkins and half to make colorful placements. Decide if you would like to create some tie-dyed pieces, which utilize two or more colors of fabric dye, or if you would like to create ombre items, which use one dye and varying degrees of coverage.

For the tie-dye effect, roll each sack towel into a tight cylinder shape and use a couple rubber bands to secure all of the rolled fabric. Fill two buckets with water and powder dye, preparing one shade in each bucket. Slowly dip each towel into the first color of dye. After the fabric dries, dip the towels into the other color of dye. Once the dye has worked its way into the fabric and the material feels dry, remove the rubber bands and inspect the towels. They should each contain splotches of color.

Ombre Cloth Napkins And Placemats

For an ombre effect, fill one bucket with dye. Hold one towel vertically and slowly dip it into the dye, allowing the dye to touch the bottom portion of the fabric. Pull the towel out of the water. Lower the towel again, this time allowing the dye to cover a little more of the fabric.

Continue this process until the entire towel has been dipped. The sections that have been dipped the most will be darker than the ones that were only submerged a little. This will create an ombre effect, which is a palette that encompasses various shades of one color.

Complementary Napkin Rings And The Removal Of Wrinkles

Purchase a set of gold or silver napkin rings. Arrange one of the dyed flour sack towels and use a napkin ring to secure it. Place the remaining rings around the other flour sack towels that have been designated as napkins. Take the remaining half of the dyed towels and lay them out across your dining room table. Use dinnerware to complete each place setting. If any of the sack towels are wrinkled after you complete the dying process, use an iron to lightly press them prior to laying them on the table.